Police Injuries from Illegal Arrest leading to 13 month Section 3 detainment at St Cadoc’s Hospital

I was illegally arrested by armed police officers in my hometown of Caldicot on 19.12.19. I will be elaborating on the events of this day on https://endofterror.org at a later date once I have full resolution of all the paperwork relating to that day. After 6 hours in transit on a journey that should only take 20 minutes, I eventually was dumped by Gwent Police into St. Cadoc’s Hospital, Caerleon, where Dr Anvita Swarnkar sectionned me under Section 3 (this was to last for a full 13 months). Unfortunately I am only too used to receiving injuries from police brutality. This is despite having never been violent towards them nor ever having a criminal record. Usually it has been difficult getting evidence of this torture (like for example when they shot me in the heart at my home). This time, even though it took a good while, I managed to sneak some photos of the injuries meted out by the police during my hospital stay. The injuries were quite a bit more severe immediately after they were caused yet as I reiterate I couldn’t get instant footage. The injuries were mainly severe bruising on my upper arm and cuts to my wrist from handcuffs and whatever the police tried to plant on me after arrest when they had me in handcuffs. The injuries took about 3 months to fully bleed out. It was very difficult getting medical attention inside the hospital. After begging the NHS nurses none of them knew first aid and could do bandages. Blood was literally pissing out of my arm going all over the place before eventually a senior nurse (‘Spanish Sarah’) put on a dressing. I had asked to be transferred to a proper hospital but this request was denied.

Below are the images that I have:

When the armed police put handcuffs on me, they tightened them about 3 times. They were quite wide handcuffs. What they did was turn me around before they put me into the back of the van. Then they put a heavy blanket over the top of the handcuffs. My arms were locked behind my back. They then snuck in underneath the blanket a sharp object which immediately started to cut into my wrists and locked into the tightening part of the handcuffs. I wasn’t sure if it was a razor blade or a knife? I couldn’t get it off me as the blanket was wrapped tight over my hands and the weight of it, especially with my hands in shackles meant that I just had to suffer. I spent six hours in the back of the police van being slowly tortured by their device. They were having a party, driving me all over newport, hiding out at the back of Newport Central Police station car park, pretending to abandon me in the van, eating their sandwiches for lunch while poking fun at me in the locked compartments of back of van and smoking vapes. Finally after they wouldn’t even release me at the hospital the nurses got me out and I was admitted and sectioned.

It was a relief to be out of the cuffs but unfortunately despite telling the nurses the police kept their blanket and their sharp weapon so I had no direct evidence. It hurt a lot, really stung and I think my wrists were severely sprained or possibly broken. The police always give me a hard time in cuffs and try to damage my wrists as they know that they have succeeded in breaking them before when police have tortured me inside the hospitals. I use my wrists as a professional DJ and I really hate them damaging them. It’s really tough facing up to the scars and just spinning records these days I get haunted even looking at my wrists.

The issue of police brutality and mental health needs to be raised. Why are the police criminalising what is supposed to be a health matter? I have always known that mental hospitals are a hidden prison system. The police dump people there as they know that they don’t need evidence of crime or to go before a court or a judge. It takes at least 3 months as a mental patient before you get your first appearance in the Mental Health Review Tribunal appeals service. By this time they have enough ‘evidence’ to bury you. You always get biased courts who favour the professional opinion of psychiatrists and police. About 5% of appeals verdicts favour the detained patient. The police often test their weapons on mental patients. I’ve been in about 3o different sets of handcuffs. The armed police once transferred me in an ambulance while one of their ex-military officers was actively electrocuting me via his handcuffs. That lasted for a 50 minute journey to Pontypool from Caldicot.

I know that the injuries appear relatively superficial in the photographs yet I do question why, if I am physically injured am I being treated in a mental hospital where surely the injuries should be to your head? Also, nurses should have training for physical injuries especially with the police becoming increasingly more involved in mental hospitals both inside and outside their walls. Police now open fire with tasers on hospital wards and that is a new phenomenon. Having been shot by a misfired taser in my own home I know exactly how much damage and serious injury they may cause. At a time where police brutality is on the rise in U.K. society it would be good to develop healthcare strategies to prevent the loss of life of the general public.

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