Signal Groove Jungle Section

Last year in January / February 2019, I was placed under section 3 of the Mental Health Act and detained and treated against consent at St Cadoc’s Hospital for about four months. I had spent the evening doing a re-edit of this drum and bass track: Wez G – Signal Groove. I had met a nice Iranian Jungle producer and DJ at Fabric in London for the Metalheadz Christmas Party event with Fabio, Grooverider and Doc Scott and this new friend had expressed an interest in signing Signal Groove to a decent Drum and Bass label. I just needed to rework it slightly and get it mastered. Gwent Police turned up at end of studio session prior to me being able to save the new edited files. I ripped up a great new version. They handcuffed me and banged in the van and dragged me off and then at the hospital threatened to shoot me next time they see me in public about which I have a current IPCC complaint going on. I lost my court appeal case and the Indian / Pakistani psychiatrist Dr Megheri, who treated me believed whole thing was a ‘Delusion of Grandeur’ Obviously there is now a delay on this project but I will rework the track again and hopefully the business offer will still be on the table and it can be put out there to the dancefloors where it belongs. Wez G

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