On The Verge of being MURDERED by Gwent Police

I’ve been TAKEN or Kidnapped by Gwent Police in advance of the Mental Health Act being invoked and being compulsorily detained in Mental Hospitals on approximately 40-50 occasions by now. It’s just prevented any real flow of liberty in almost anything I do from education, to work, to freedom of expression to family life. Anything. It just is out of control and it won’t stop, it won’t heal: it is a careering runaway train that nothing can be done about. Gwent Police are the St Jude of law enforcement anywhere.

Approximately 7 years ago or so, I was being processed by them – rather just locked in the dungeons of Newport Central, naked or in your pants on a little blue mat in a very brightly lit cell staring at orange signs about drug abuse. I had to be transferred up to St Cadoc’s so I could commence my ‘time’. The journey is approximately 5 miles so even though you will be in quite unsavoury conditions for the trip, in a pair of tightly wrenched handcuffs, bouncing around in the back of a farmyard style empty tin crate in the rear end of one of their police vans, it’s not really all that far and unlike some of the other 40 odd mile journeys I’ve experienced, this is but a mere water off a duck’s back.

After about 8-10 years of them making any work I did in the music industry or any other sector impossible, I just gave up on trying to get on with society and started just doing a hobby fulltime. I joined a travelling supporters club for Liverpool FC and travelled up to Anfield every week to watch the match live in the stadium and luckily for me 2005 happened to produce a vintage year for the club’s fortunes.

Having been to Hillsborough as a young lad about 3 months prior to the actual Hillsborough disaster, this particular football tragedy, where 96 Liverpool Football fans were crushed to death in the stands #jft96, has really had an impact on me, as a lifelong fan of Liverpool Football Club.

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign has been fighting for justice for the Hillsborough victims for about 30 years. One of the aims of the justice campaign is to get South Yorkshire, Chief Inspector, David Duckenfield, who ordered the gates at Hillsborough to be shut and thus directly murdered the 96 dead fans through his incompetent and irresponsible work actions that day, criminally prosecuted and jailed for what he did. Obviously after several decades there has been no justice, despite the age old adage that Great Britain has the finest and fairest criminal justice system in the world. I’m a living witness to the fact that this is total nonsense.

Anyway, I got bundled into the back of the van in my cuffs, metal digging into flesh, the usual procedure. And as the journey started I thought, as I’m spending that much time in the company of the rozzers that I would at least try and entertain the citizens of Newport with some music and song as we drove through the city. So, as a DJ I thought up a sort of anti-police ditty and as I was probably missing watching the football or something I thought I’d have a bit of a football chant. So we pulled out of Newport Central and I launched into a rendition of the Kop Chant ‘Justice for the 96, Justice for the 96, Justice for the 96, Justice for the 96’ which in its full harmonic flow is a proud one for us to normally belt out in the stadium. The filth in the front of the van, driving were screaming and shouting abuse at me and getting really angry. The driving turned more and more erratic and bumpy and in me cuffs I was like a Rider on The Storm banging and clattering about in the back and causing myself more injury than usual. After the weather subsided we arrived at St. Cadoc’s Hospital, Caerleon, where knowing that the police part of the adventure was almost complete I had an ETA of approximately 2 minutes before I would be plunged into the darkness of the Abyss that is the locked PICU Beechwood Ward. Unfortunately though I had forgotten about the malice of Gwent Police and as I’d upset them by singing a song about police victims getting some sort of justice for crimes that the police had committed upon innocent members of the public, and they are just ‘doing their jobs’, I obviously needed further punishment from them. So, to surprise me, instead of pulling into Beechwood Ward car park so that I could be transferred into the hands of the mental health system, they instead took a ‘wrong turn’. And we ended up a stone’s throw away from the banks of the River Usk just around the corner from the Ward, in a completely different direction. The van stopped and I wondered what the hell was going on. The three Gwent Police Officers in the front of the van were sat whispering to each other and plotting. And I’m pretty swift on sensing danger. I just realised that they were obviously planning to dump me, in my handcuffs into the River Usk so that I could be drowned. As the time ticked away, I thought oh well, not a lot can be done here so said a little prayer and felt the force of my Grandmother come to me.

The van reversed back eventually and we headed away from the River and back towards the Beechwood Ward entrance where I was eventually let out, un-cuffed and sent into detention.

One of the things that Gwent Police do to me when they section me is always pretend that they are Liverpool fans. They come up when I’m sat at the coffee shop and squeak ‘Liverpool’ to me – It’s their little piggy code and they think it appeases me and makes me empathetic towards them as community figures. They like talking about the Liverpool game to me and discussing the football. Quite frankly I don’t wish to speak to Gwent Police at all, let alone socialise with them for obvious reasons.

As my resistance against the police has continued and progressed I have found a lot of comfort in listening to an alternative genre of music to the electronic beats that I normally (as Wez G) DJ. I found a certain hip hop album calling out to me. N.W.A. were a Los Angeles rap group that formed out of the Compton Street Wars between black American gangs, ‘The Bloods and The Crips’. There is a good Hollywood film about the making of the N.W.A. ‘Straight Out of Compton’ album where the local police totally disrupted the entire studio session with their constant harassment of band figures, Eazy-E, Dr Dre and Ice Cube. It’s not really my cup of tea, hip hop, so I don’t know the full version of events but I can see the origins of many of their lyrics being due to resentment towards the ‘blues and twos’. If it was just one studio session, surely that isn’t quite as bad as 40 odd studio / home invasions that Gwent Police have done to me? Anyway it’s a cracking album and after Gwent Police trashed my studio sessions for the remake of a Wez G Drum and Bass single ‘Signal Groove’, I managed to find time during this period of limited ‘freedom’ to quickly knock together a short bootleg of a hit off the NWA ‘Straight Out of Compton’ album which is a pure masterpiece and gets better every time you listen to it. (the NWA original album of course and not the Wez G bootleg !!!). So, I’ve been inspired if you like and am now working in a professional capacity with one of the biggest and best and wealthiest rap bands on the planet. You got to try and deal with your pitfalls in life so I thank my lucky stars that I survived the assassination attempt by Gwent Police and can now crack on and have a career as a successful musician and DJ.

Purely by chance I wrote this article without realising that the main Duckenfield trial was due to reach its verdict today – Goes to show that when human justice and natural justice move too far apart that natural justice will reign in human justice. #jft96 #ynwa scum rozzer scum

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