Acuphase and Dr Jamil (Guest Post)

To who this may concern,

I did attempt to raise the issue of care provided regarding my last incarceration at St Cadocs adferiad ward by Dr Jamil in 2015, but i became sectioned again, this time in Stonebow Hereford because this whole issue of what happened the previous year annoyed me so much.

When i was back at home in Hereford 2016, x2 people came and visited regarding my complaint who were nice and i received a letter but no apology issued and no faults found. I thought leave it for another day when I’m not so emotionally invested.

Since then I done allot of calming down and done some research on the guidelines of usage when administering acuphase, these are clearly not being followed.

In St Cadocs if you miss an appointment the police and your mum are called. Why stress out a mental patient in this way haunting them with police and family?

After getting arrested and more stressed out in the process of being chased by police and my mum all day, i was put in a cell for missing an appointment and arrested for breach of the peace inside my own home for attempting to stop my mum and sister calling the police without speaking to me, in the station, sectioned and back to hospital.

A couple of weeks in hospital I have a solicitor arranged and arrives for the tribunal in the afternoon, Dr Jamil removes my section in the morning and is happy because she doesn’t have to goto a tribunal now. I wanted to go to explain this situation I was placed under but this was denied.

A couple of weeks pass , I’m at home and I express that I don’t want Dr Jamil as my psychiatrist anymore to the various CPN’s that visited. The response back was that they wanted to check me for a mental health assessment, I said that’s not an issue and pass my number over.

A couple of day pass and I get called by someone who wanted to do a mental health assessment that day. I explained that I was currently busy, away and will have to be another time.

A few more days pass and a Dr turns up late in the evening, on his own asking where are the others. He came in an I explained that he was the only visitor here atm. He waited and I had written what was going on on one piece of a4 and attempted to provide him with this information to discuss but he didn’t want to read it.

The following morning I went to my friends house and when returning back home I noticed x3 people outside my house. One of them was the same Dr I saw the night before. I was initially positive upon seeing them because I thought I could remove the misconception that there was something mentally wrong with me. I invited the x3 people into my house. X2 of the people came in whilst the Dr I saw I night before stayed outside. The x2 men sat at the table, looking at bits of paper together and said “right and ok” a couple of times to each other.

One of the men, the same one who called me on my phone a couple of days earlier says “Do you want to come back to St Cadocs?”. I replied “Not really, I’ve just came from there recently”. He replies “Your being detained under the mental health act”. I replied “Why?, there’s nothing wrong with me, look I’ve written everything happening on this one piece of paper, please read and ask me about this.” He didn’t read what I had written and goes “writing things down is a sign of not being well” and dismissed it. So therefore the whole mental health assessment was based on one question on if I would like to go to hospital and because I didn’t want to I was sectioned instead.

2x people had refused to read what i was attempting to communicate to them and the other Dr said nothing to me got up and walked out. I wasn’t happy about being sectioned again, this time for no good reason either so I called the police. A nice officer came to my house but said there was nothing he could do as no crime had been committed and for me to go to the hospital with him. I got in his car and went back to St Cadocs with him because he didn’t want to bother the ambulance service in taking me. He said that he would get in trouble for taking me in his car but he would deal with it.

Upon arriving at the St Cadocs hospital I went straight to the smoking room. After aprox 30 minutes, my psychiatrist Dr Jamil comes to the smoking room door wanting to have a meeting with me. I’d had enough of what had happened earlier, stupid section entrapment single question health assessment , the useless nice copper, plus I didn’t want her to be my psychiatrist anymore coupled with the last section that happened because I missed an appointment, therefore I refused to have a meeting with her. I thought nothing of this at the time and thought hopefully I’d get to see someone else in a couple of days, it being a Friday maybe the situation will be different come Monday.

A couple of hours pass, I’m chatting to a few of the patients in the smoking room and one of the nurses tells me that I would be receiving an injection that evening but didnt tell me what it was. I was already on prescribed amusulphride which I was taking and I asked the nurse if I could have the drugs leaflet on what I would be having. The nurse brought me the drugs leaflet to my horror I had been prescribed clopixol acuphase®. I knew at the time as I still know now, I wasn’t psychotic and didn’t have psychosis and I wasn’t refusing oral medication but it seemed for some sort of punishment for refusing to speak to the psychiatrist Dr Jamil, she decided to give me acuphase® again after 12 years and i remembered horrendous side effects I experienced.

I hadn’t been in the hospital again for more than 2hrs, had no issues with anyone there ,I have never been violent or aggressive towards anybody or staff or refused oral medications and I couldn’t understand why they would give me acuphase® when there was nothing wrong with me requiring that level of treatment.

Acuphase wasn’t being used as a last resort but a first option of treatment with someone you haven’t spoken with, that just failed the impossible to pass one question health assessment test.

Being scared of the side effects of acuphase® happening again, I phoned my gf to collect me from the hospital and ran away. This freedom didn’t last tho as the police were called, found me and returned me to hospital the same evening, i tried pleading with the police for them not to give me acuphase again but was asked what my favourite band was as a reply by an uncaring wpc. I explained to the nurses that I didn’t want to be acuphased and for this decision to be reconsidered. The nurses didn’t administer acuphase® that evening but proceeded the day after. I tried to reason with the nurse administering the injection pleading with him not to give it to me but they wouldn’t listen and saying they were only doing what they had been told to do. I didn’t fight the nurse and had the injection that Saturday afternoon.

I spend the rest of the Saturday and Sunday asleep , being woken up a few times for observations. When Monday came around luckily I didn’t have the same side effects as the first time acuphase® being administered in 2002. I didnt feel right but atleast i wasnt half paralysed this time around.

On Monday I have a meeting with Dr Jamil and she asked how I was feeling. I replied saying I had had a good sleep to which one of the nurses in the room said that I now have insight. In a subsequent meeting a few days later, the same nurse (Gerard) in a room full of people says “oh your having threesomes are you haha” when I mentioned an old school friend was staying at my house with myself and my gf, a totally false, childish and unprofessional inappropriate remark to make at the time in front of 10 + people, mainly strangers but Gerard found it funny on his own.

That messed up environment there in the pit of opinions of strangers making patients feel uncomfortable in a large groups of strangers and on the spot.

Time for the drugs because the magic drugs fix everything, environmental factors dont count and as far as sectioned patients go load them up with no chance of a successful complaint because they have to accept whatever is given and are unable to say no.

You are not giving me this drug correctly, I’m accepting oral meds not restless or abusive and I’m expected just to accept the final line of treatment immediately. This is not right.

On Tuesday my GP turns up at the hospital concerned on what was going on. I told her everything that had happened and another meeting with Dr Jamil with my GP in the room was arranged.

Dr Jamil was overly nice in this meeting and then removes my section off me again whilst my GP just sat there and said nothing. I can understand why I was sectioned a few weeks previously, getting stressed by the setup of St Cadocs calling the police and my mother for missing an appointment day but the one i was on this time after being asked 1x question and the use of acuphase was totally unnecessary and felt like I was being abused at the time and now afterwards. So this time my section lasted only x5 days.

So this apparently is the care provided, miss an appointment – called the police and their mother to get you sectioned and arrested.

Once released, section them again after a single question health assessment and give them acuphase because they don’t want you as your Dr anymore and refusing a meeting.

Due to the level of so called care being provided in the Newport area and St Cadocs I decided to move away to Hereford to prevent any future assaults and abusive being received by the mental health team that seems to do more harm than good. Creating unjust situations and flexing their powers regardless of guidelines, procedures and ethical rights. A sectioned patient doesn’t have any rights and is open to be abused with no possible case to answer to.

St Cadocs are not following the guidelines when administering Acuphase, no physical examinations are given before hand, no staff are present in the room once administered (I got out of bed in 2002 after receiving Acuphase and after sleeping x2 days, blacked out and cut my head with no staff present, again in 2014 no member of staff in the room monitoring me afterwards). Also in 2014 I was accepting and taking oral medications provided, I didn’t have psychosis, I wasn’t violent or abusive towards anyone and I had never previously or since. I wasn’t properly informed that I would be receiving acuphase but found out when asking for the drugs leaflet. Also no ECG monitoring is provided before or afterwards.

Acuphase was being administered against guidelines as I was taking oral medicine as requested, being non aggressive, not psychotic and certainly not as a last resort treatment but a first line. Dr Jamil hadn’t even spoken to me so how would be able to consider my condition required such powerful chemicals injected into me against my consent.

I feel sorry for anyone receiving treatment for any mental health condition in St Cadocs . The level of care is a very poor standard with very little to do whilst staying there, there is next to zero OT, no classes to attend. There is a pool table but this is locked away most of the time.

When I was last there the nurses seemed more interested in ensuring that patients don’t have a lighter in their possession than showing any care, no access to your own laptop or a phone charger (phones are only allowed to be charged overnight and not during the day), no access to make a cup of tea whenever. Conversions with nurses are also very limited.

Once I asked one of the nurses what she watched on TV the previous night to which she replied “private information”. Also in a previous stay there one of the nurses in meeting with Dr Jamil said I had picked up a dinner knife, said “bitch” which was totally untrue and made up.

This is a complete contrast to the care provided in Stonebow, Hereford which is excellent with lots of OT and classes to do, your allowed to have a lighter on you, access to pool table whenever you choose, access to a kitchen to make a cup of tea with a fridge/microwave to store/reheat food, able to use your laptop at all times, being able to charge your phone in the daytime, a private room and not put on a ward.

The nurses show genuine care and talk to the patients, sometimes with a quick one to one meeting on how you are feeling. These may seem like little things but when your stuck in hospital these are big things that you do appreciate.

You do feel like a hindrance to the nurses in St Cadocs and not cared for, personally I felt abused, falsely detained/imprisoned and assaulted by the treatment provided at my last stay there in 2014.

I doubt that an explanation of my experience will change anything or enable an apology from the trust because in doing so would be admitting fault within the care system, which in their eyes never happens because the Dr’s are always right and being a sectioned patient you have no right to refuse medication or have any credibility with a complaint made afterwards.

If lessons can be learnt and maybe prevent this happening to someone else in the future then maybe something can be achieved preventing patients feeling like a stay there was falsely enforced and chemical assault than care or received with good treatment

If you wish to take this further then I’m willing to engage with you with any form of communication you prefer or just note this on your system, forget about it and do nothing, which usually happens.

I think this article here sums up well the issues with a mental patient daring to attempt to complain for the care/treatment they received in the past.

This past experience doesn’t feel like treatment but instead feels like Dr Jamil exercised her powers to abuse and punish me because I didn’t want to speak with her.

This was my last stay in St Cadocs hospital (2014) and before this excessive, unnecessary heavy handed/abusive treatment I received, I did have respect for the hospital for what they were doing but after the one question mental assessment, not listening to my life problems that I was experiencing at the time because writing the situation down is apparently a sign of not being well, miss an appointment and we call the police section saga. A strange way to care for people.

The abuse of power by Dr Jamil administering acuphase when I didn’t have psychosis when I wasn’t refusing oral medication as a first line of medication against guidelines makes me despise the place and have zero respect for Dr Jamil. This also makes me question her competency as a psychiatrist and the way she issues drugs as abuse/punishment to patients as a power trip to gain respect.

I know the cut off period to complain regarding treatment is 1x year, so therefore this isn’t a complaint but a statement of fact of an example of the appalling, unnecessary treatment Dr Jamil/St Cadocs/police give people with mental health problems. The way they interact and enforce treatments. The way police can only help in certain areas and not civil matters.
The staff in St Cadocs having a history of drug abuse and incorrect administration amounts/types, it would also seem that the Dr’s disregard guidelines for prescribing acuphase,
Patients that have been sectioned have no rights. Just because I answered the single mental health assessment question regarding wanting to go to hospital or not is grounds for being sectioned, apparently an assessment lasts 30 minutes or so with various questions asked, I was only asked one then immediately sectioned and then prescribed acuphase against consent for not wanting to talk to the psychiatrist?. Pathetic and abusive care issued instead without recourse.

For me, personally I’m “Over it” as such and I doubt providing this statement will change anything in the future but maybe provide you with some insight of what happens in St Cadocs from a patients point of view.
All the other times I was previously there I looked upon the treatment as being care provided but not the last time I stayed at St Cadocs which feels more like an assault on me physically , emotionally and abuse of powers by Dr Jamil because she just can act with impunity and no repercussions of her decisions. Miss an appointment call the police and get arrested, don’t want me as my psychiatrist and refuse to meet, Acuphased.

How if this classed as care and appropriate treatment?.

Feels more like false imprisonment and assault

No one ever takes complaints regarding her so called care seriously and she is clearly not following treatment guidelines when prescribing acuphase and just if a discharged voluntary patient misses an appointment
do you really need to call the police and inform their mother?

Was i that high of a risk with no history of self harm or anyone else the police had to be called ?

Did i really require acuphase when accepting oral medications as a first call of treatment. How was this considered being used as a last resort exactly ?

I’m not after any compensation or any form of an apology from the NHS/St Cadocs/Dr Jamil.

I doubt anything regarding my experience will be taken seriously but this is what happened to me which makes me feel mistreated, falsely imprisoned, abused and chemically assaulted by Dr Jamil.

All because I didn’t want her as my psychiatrist and I didn’t speak to her as she wanted, as it was impossible to have a different Dr when requested, I relocated just to get away from the pathetic/abusive care NHS Wales, St Cadocs and Dr Jamil provides which was a good decision overall.

Maybe if St Cadocs staff show care and understanding towards patients life issues with maybe access to a psychologist to evaluate any relationship/environmental issues which might be the root cause of their depression or elevated stress levels with meaningful conversations, patients can get better. This doesn’t happen, you see psychiatrists only and they are the brains chemically imbalanced quacks that to sort that disorder out smash you with loads of antipsychotic drugs to stop you thinking properly regarding any life issues being experienced and disable you instead seems to be the chosen route to cure people temporarily.

I’ve never been to a prison but St Cadocs does feel like a place in which unnecessary abusive punishment is given instead of treatment or care of a hospital.

I detest the place and everything it does and wont be living in the Newport area again because of this experience and the abusive treatment received instead.

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