Sandwich Show – The Nuthouse

In my other life my alter ego is DJ Wez G As a special tribute to my endless mental health hospitalisations, the cult Cardiff Radio Programme, The Sandwich Show, created a special themed episode for my guest appearance. Here is The Sandwich Show 19 – The Nuthouse – in all its glory… I’m the hairy guy in the back of the car who plays records later on… As for the rest of my friends – they are all; classified as totally sane and aren’t undergoing treatment which when you see the video will perhaps leave you a little puzzled. I just thought I’d throw it into the End Of Terror Site as a little personal note. I don’t hide on the net through fear of my public actions like many doctors and nurses might

The Sandwich Show has now unfortunately deceased but I’d recommend checking many of their other episodes as they are a lot of fun, especially if you may be of a dubious mental disposition and of course there is plenty of psychoanalysis work there if you happen to be a bored shrink….

You can catch more from the same crew who created the Sandwich Show at TANTRUM RECORDS

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