An Example of Gwent Police Invading Shuffle Towers (2) – My Home

This is an example of one of the many occasions in which Gwent Police during their two and a half decades of harassing me, have forced entry illegally into my home and place of work. On this occasion I was lucky enough to be able to capture them on video on my mobile phone – this is something that I would recommend and encourage the public to do when faced with witnessing any unlawful behaviour by any police force across the globe. On other occasions they have shot me, sent riot police, seriously assaulted me both physically and sexually and have done so on maybe 40-50 occasions. They have shot me, stripped me naked, sent riot police into my bedroom, had me locked with convicted sex offenders in their employment, naked in the cells at Newport Central Police Station (see Dr Darryl Watts category). The Gwent Police when invading my home always put me in handcuffs without ever having placed me under arrest and they just kidnap me off in the back of their vans and take me to either their Newport Central cells where they continue to physically and sexually abuse me or on to processing parts of the various local mental hospitals where they always continue to abuse you prior to your admittance under section of the mental health act. You cannot usually get to have a court hearing in the MHRT review tribunal for about 6 weeks and in any case only about 5% of these cases are won by psychiatric victims. During the many months of incarceration which you face you are forced to undergo Big Pharma treatment against consent where hardcore disabling pharmaceutical products are forced into your body. During this illegal forced entry into my home without a warrant, they came through, armed with tasers pointing and threatening me the whole way through as I backed away. They wanted to see my female houseguest who was asleep in the spare room and decided to wake her up, inquiring as to the nature of my mental health (????) The lady woke up and, rather shocked and annoyed shouted at them telling them to ‘Fuck Off!’ Usually I am alone in my property when they do this sort of thing and I was very surprised when they actually did, on this occasion, go forth and multiply. So they luckily left the building for once without dragging me with them. It was quite disturbing for us afterwards and we had to get over the trauma, worrying of course if the bastards would be returning with reinforcements. It’s difficult trying to get justice in the 24 years of harassment that I have received from Gwent Police despite not having a criminal record at all. I blame their constant attempts to quell any electronic music in the UK after the Criminal Justice Act came into force in 1994. It’s not pleasant living in these conditions with the police constantly attacking you. There is a right to privacy in humanitarian law and unfortunately I do not get this right at all.

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