A Victim of Corruption: Journeys of a Non-Criminal in Forensic Psychiatry

I was first admitted to St. Cadoc’s Hospital in 1997. After 3 years in the system and getting nowhere I started to really feel the corruption inherent in this place. I’ve always been amazed at just how lazy psychiatrists actually are and also find it incredible just how much their earnings are. They are (within the NHS) public sector workers and government funds from tax pay their wages. Nurses may not get pay rises but psychiatrists who on average only work one day a week have an annual salary in excess of £150 000. They are about the most highly paid ‘workers’ in the public sector and get more money than an MP, even more than the Prime Minister. I was chatting to a female QC friend who back in the late 1990s confided in me that in her line of work that the judges in the highest courts of the land were absolutely terrified of the unchecked power that psychiatrists are wielding in modern society. Suffice it to say that in the run down area of the U.K. surrounding Newport where poverty is high and deprivation a consistent factor in our communities, we don’t get the highest calibre of psychiatrist. Harley Street or Royal College of Psychiatrists we aren’t. In this part of the world we get the real dregs, the scum that nobody else will employ. It is obvious that when you are dealing with scum they will not be doing their jobs properly. Psychiatrists take shortcuts and I have learned much to my detriment just how bad corruption here can be. They enjoy having people on their books who are no work as it means they get to do even less for their cash.

In 2000, a new security nurse started working on ISCA ward. Keith by his own admission was a bent copper who due to an injury had taken early retirement from the Met and had taken up this new role. He is a big bloke and a black belt in Kyokushin Full Contact Karate. Now Keith has a yellow Lotus Elan, obviously not something you’d naturally pick up on a policeman’s salary. He was sat there in the middle of the ward boasting to all the patients about how great his car was. He tried to get me to pat him on the back too and big up his ego. I just said ‘Big Deal’, it’s a car pal. (I don’t drive and cars really don’t interest me at all). Keith didn’t like this a got really upset. I popped out for a walk with my friend and when I got back went into the ward’s pool room. I stood casually at the back of the room and all of sudden Keith jumped up from his seat and came charging over in front of all the patients and just started attacking me. I didn’t resist and he twisted my arm up, pressed his personal security alarm so all the nurses came running. The staff all dragged me off with Keith still attached to my arm into a private room with a hospital bed. The patients had all fled. Keith was screaming how I’d stubbed a cigar out on his face which was a complete lie as he had been at the opposite end of not just the pool table but also the room. He had no marks. I couldn’t get him off my arm and he was a big lump. Another large nurse, Jamie, stayed while Keith continued to torture me. My wrist snapped and he still carried on. I thought I was going to lose my hand. Eventually after about an hour of physical torture with me offering no resistance he let go. My arm just flopped in front of me, totally shattered. I said I need to see a doctor as it was broken. They got some Indian deputy to turn up who was on call. He didn’t even look at the arm and just said it’s not broken so I couldn’t get transferred to A&E. I was almost screaming in pain. They then convened a meeting where Keith gave his version of events and I gave mine. Keith was believed and I wasn’t even though it was me that was carrying the injury. I had offered no resistance to the attack and Keith didn’t have a mark on him. They immediately transferred me to the lockup PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit).

Now this was my first experience of the tougher side of mental hospitals. PICU is locked down so you get none of your possessions and are locked in a room and there are very few luxuries. It is the punishment wing. The psychiatrist was Dr. Steve Atwood. He is a forensic psychiatrist and immediately I wanted to raise protest as forensic psychiatrists are for dealing with criminals and I have no criminal record. They transfer prisoners from the jail to the PICU and it is all very much formal. The staff are more brutal and you almost completely lose any freedoms or liberties that you might have previously had. They left me to rot inside PICU for three months. It was a brand new extra secure unit and I was one of the first in there, a test case. No matter what I said to Dr Atwood to protect my innocence he ignored me as he thought he knew better and he had his testimony from the bent copper and that was all he needed. I watched patients come and go for three months and languished in this shithole and eventually I was allowed back onto the main ward. Suitably distressed I eventually got out and was finally after about a year inside released back to my life in the community. Now Dr. Atwood had all the staff worshipping him as he drives a red Lotus Elan and they all thought he was the bees knees because of this. At the end of the day his incredible wages surely pay for this little luxury. I see this car as a Freudian extension of his penis as it seemed like the only factor he relied on for his power. He medicated me up to the hilt with stuff that is highly toxic to me system and had no regard for my health. Now as well as Atwood and the copper may be doing with their Lotus Elans, I am in my working life a DJ in the music scene. At any Chuff Chuff event which is full of celebrities the car park is rammed full of Ferraris and Lambourghinis and a Lotus Elan is just not up to scratch. In the years that I have seen Atwood totally reliant on his little gimmick he has never replaced the car and is just a rusty shadow of its heyday. He may be number 1 in St Cadoc’s but the guy is a really just a hyper arrogant non-identity that preys on innocent locked up victims who under society’s mental health act laws have no effective means of resisting his totally sadistic nature. Whilst I was in Beechwood Ward, PICU, one patient who lost his cool took Dr Atwood apart during their meeting by bashing him up with a wooden chair. Atwood was crying his eyes out and terrified, screaming for help. He obviously discharged this patient as he didn’t want another beating. I just had to suffer his inane bullshit for too long.

Every subsequent visit to St Cadoc’s they have always dumped me into Beechwood for punishment. They acuphase you there, the harshest treatment that they can give under the law. You are out cold for 3-4 days and your body and brain never fully recover. The corruption is endemic and other forensic colleagues of Atwood like the convicted child sex offender who he works so closely alongside, Dr Darryl Watts now called Dr Darryl Ballantyne-Watts. How you end up being treated by this guy God only knows but this sickness is real. (See the section on Darryl Watts for more info on this sadistic criminal torturer). Now Atwood is present most of the time as a lazy duty psychiatrist when I get admitted. He always does exactly what the police instruct him too and when he is supposed to be interviewing you and assessing you he’ll just openly laugh in your face, a demonstration of his total ignorance, lack of empathy and sheer corrupt perversity. He always locks you down to the max, even when you are a non criminal and he is not legally supposed to be treating you.

He’s stalked me for years and has been a real nemesis. I’ve had to slavelike provide his experimental material with my unwilling body and he has totally abused me. The other shrinks all worship him. On my most recent incarceration in 2019-2020 he tried dumping me yet again into the low secure private Ty Cwm Rhondda hospital full of criminals just let out of jail and who have been denied their entitled freedom. Atwood decided without even seeing me and made recommendations that I be sent there and I almost lost my home, my place in university, my businesses and my relationship based on his sheer desire to continually stalk and subjugate me with his heinous cowardly fake power within the mental health system. Luckily even the crazed Dr Swarnkar, under pressure from everyone else within the mental health team reviewing me couldn’t agree to his dangerous plans. This man is a crackpot and a clear and present danger to sane society and should be locked away somewhere very tight and safe away from causing harm to innocent members of the public. Dr Atwood! LOOK OUT FOR HIM! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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