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I wrote this complaint back in February. Gray Hill Surgery, Caldicot, does not allow email complaints. Their complaints process is so difficult to negotiate. What I did is contact the main local NHS health board and they said that even though Gray Hill was independent, that they did have an email contact address for the surgery and could forward anything I send. I received a short note in the post a couple of months after the initial complaint saying that they were dealing with the matter but have heard nothing since. I’m just in the process of elevating the whole matter to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. I thought I’d copy the sent email here about the complaint as I personally hate Gray Hill surgery, Caldicot, and have constant problems during any contact with them. I know it sounds sarcastic my Nazi references but I do seriously believe that they are a Nazi organization. No response at all from them which I find unacceptable so why not post up here on End Of Terror for the public to see?

Dear Putting Things Right, Aneurin Bevan UHB Trust,

I am writing to you with a complaint about Einsatzgruppen Caldicot Gray Hill surgery. I know I’ve been told that they aren’t technically part of Aneurin Bevan as they are a private practice but to me they’re NHS and you are local NHS and you did manage to forward several complaints I’ve put in about the GPs and also chemists which I thank you for. Of course all of these complaints did get filed under ‘B’ for bin when they arrived in their destinations as the Caldicot NHS health providers are, shall we say, lacking and spiralling ever more into the abyss as time progresses. I rerang the SS commanding officer at reception and she point blank refused to supply any form of email address for the surgery and said that complaints had to be written out and handed in in person at the surgery. As I explained to the fraulein this morning on the phone during my interrogation I couldn’t make it to the surgery as I had a nasty accident when I fell over at Caldicot Train station last night. This was one of the reasons that I was seeking medical help. Therefore it would not be possible to march down to the GPs. Since I broke my femur the GPs and Chemists have had me marching up and down to the village like a toy soldier – they don’t seem to appreciate the extent or nature of the injury. An email address is much more convenient and is a twenty-first century approach to communications. I find it absolutely ridiculous and have raised the issue about repeat prescriptions needing to be put in writing and hand-delivered to the surgery. It’s just not modern society to have to do this. I dread to think of disabled people in the community or the elderly or indeed any sick people being frogmarched to and from the surgery to comply with their dictats. I understand that they don’t want complaints or feedback and this is most probably the reason why the complaints system is no delapidated and not user-friendly. I’ve been complaining for years and rather than changing the system and recognising complaints they just further ruin the system. I do honestly believe that they are a Nazi organisation and every contact seems to confirm my beliefs. Every contact ends in misery, no health care and just general stress / anxiety, annoyance and frustration at the pitiful service. If you are actually seriously in Caldicot let’s face it – you are brown bread. 

It’s very difficult for the receptionists to get out of the mentality that they are in. I know to them this isn’t the sleepy Welsh village of Caldicot in 2023. It’s Munich or Berlin circa 1933-1945. I tried explaining to the receptionist that Hitler was dead and the Third Reich had been defeated but she couldn’t accept this. I think if I carbon copied the German embassy in London into the email Gray Hill’s server would light up in an instant and they’d be put straight into action and complaint would be sorted like a Blitzkrieg. 

Today I had issues to raise regarding my last xray and consultation under Mr Parfitt’s clinic at the Gwent where he had been treating the broken femur. Following the advice given at the last xray when I was discharged it was suggested that I get myself to the GPs as soon as possible. There were problems on the Xray with potential long term problems with my hip that were identified and unexplained bone growth over the pins in the upper thigh, hip region. I explained to doctor at Gray Hill and receptionist about this situation – about the exercise regime I am undertaking, the additional supplements and I was looking for some form of medical advice / reassurance. I also requested to have a copy of xrays and for an email address for Mr Parfitt in order for me to write to him direct. The doctor pretended at first that he had the xrays and knew what he was talking about and about the discharge situation but this was a bluff as he admitted late in the conversation that he didn’t have copies of the xray and hadn’t seen them. So this is one issue.

I mentioned the fall I had at train station, second fall in a few months, the lack of balance and the injury itself and the general problems with femur. I mentioned how my apple watch automatically called emergency services in both situations – on London Underground and also at Caldicot Train Station last night – obviously with us being right at the outer limit of Grange catchment area and ambulance strikes / nurses strikes / junior doctor strikes etc, the chances of an ambulance arriving in Caldicot and getting you to a hospital are very slim or very very delayed.  Like I say – health problem in Caldicot = brown bread.

On the subject of the Apple Watch I explained how I’d collected a vast amount of useful health data, some good, some bad. I explained how it had recorded the recovery of the limp from femur injury. I explained how it had recorded my increased exercise. It demonstrated compliance with medication regimes and recorded sleep patterns, both serious indications on mental health relapse signatures. It gave constant heart rate data and breathing statistics and also less pleasant for me I got a warning message about seriously low cardio fitness levels. A score of 22.2 VO levels over a prolonged period of time is in the low category and quite a way from below average and according to the apple health advice and follow up research it means I could have a serious underlying condition and should seek professional medical advice. Obviously this is not really possible with Gray Hill surgery as it just ain’t happening. A score of 18 is actually regarded as seriously life-threatening. I had a good look at lots of medical data and information and came to a possible diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. My father is a sufferer so a close genetic relative has it and it is an inherited disease. I’ve been urinating a lot even throughout night (shown by apple watch). I’ve been thirsty and drinking a lot more and increased appetite. I’ve been subjected to long term psychiatric medications. I am a heavy heavy smoker. Since femur injury my exercise regime and fitness levels have seriously declined and I was almost housebound. And I learned that the long term prescription of Lorazepam (benzodiazepines) could be a negative contributing factor and affect some of the health issues. This of course is prescribed by the GP. The GP offered no healthy advice, no checks for diabetes – all the levels etc and vo measurement etc. I was stupid for suggesting diagnosis. Nothing to worry about. Apple watches are rubbish – not scientific at all – useless for anything to do with health and I can disregard everything it says. He didn’t want any copy of the exported Apple Health data I have (I have actually distributed that to three separate NHS email addresses of health professionals involved in my care plus a social worker). In any case the GP doesn’t have email and wasn’t interested – it’s all hocus-pocus. A bit of a luddite perhaps? I tried to mention to the doctor about how Apple watches have been widely recognised as significantly improving health data, records, being good early intervention indicators and the technology is improving all the time. Indeed one of the options is to link up your health record with the Apple Health App. To NHS trusts in UK do allow this. Obviously Aneurin Bevan UHB hasn’t yet stepped up and Gray Hill surgery has a zero chance of getting on board – certainly with the doctor’s quite frankly ignorant views. He doesn’t want to do a follow up check. Just abused me and sort of said ignore it. Not even a blood pressure measurement done. In the USA – although we’re told they haven’t got a sparkling public-funded NHS which is so so wonderful and makes you proud to be British…. But in the democratic free land of health insurance and real doctors they totally embrace Apple Health and indeed technology in general and it is showing in their overall population statistics for health. If Caldicot Leisure Centre can have apps all dovetailing with Apple Health and Apple watches I don’t think it’s beyond the GPs to at least have a look and investigate. I think charlatans aren’t at Apple Health but are at Gray Hill surgery. 

Anyway, I have been given order for the standard GP treatment for all reports of health that they do every time you go to them for every condition no matter what. I have to turn up at some ridiculous hour next Wednesday to see the nurse to have a standard blood test and no doubt I will have to provide a stool sample on their ridiculous little new tech system that they use and no doubt it will all get messed up ion transit and rejected from the Gwent processing lab and I’ll be given urgent calls demanding for me to go back to Gray Hill for more body fluids taken. And even if they are processed successfully it will impossible to get the results or any consultation about the results and having had this for every condition I go to GPs for I know what to expect as they never ever no matter what even when there is an underlying issue have results anything other than just ‘normal’.

Of course I’m having delusions of utopia where health issues are going to get diagnosed, effectively treated and save the NHS money and keep me healthy and alive. Reality though.

The doctor was unfit for purpose – gave no medical terms at all. Just general abuse and no reassurance, no interest, no empathy, no knowledge, no xrays, no idea. Terrible service. I can see why he’s ended up in Gray Hill exactly. Fits the glove. 

The receptionist was just openly hostile, nosy, pretending to be a doctor as they have done for years protecting their GP from contact with patients and annoyed as hell that you have made contact. (as a plus I cannot believe that I was actually speaking to a receptionist at 0805 on the telephone – It’s the first time I’ve ever got through on the phone so there must be a system error glitch to have allowed that).

We’re told how their online system is all super-duper and everything can be done on there etc etc. But I’ve been trying for years to do something with it and it just doesn’t work. I logged in last night on train and it said the new thing was closed until 8am and couldn’t take any information.  I know that the written hand in at surgery repeat prescription rule is no closer to being phased out. You do surf to the Gray Hill site and get overawed with the wow factor but you can’t sign up from a computer or mobile device at home.  You need to arrange a special appointment with them in person at GPs for a vetting interview and need about 20 different forms of ID – ration card, concentration camp identifier etc etc. All no doubt on paper printouts as digital copies will obviously not be accepted. I’ve tried arranging a vetting appointment but it just doesn’t seem possible. I’m sure the whole Gray Hill system must be light years ahead of Apple Health etc but on the other hand their whole futuristic tech solution could just be really really shite and counter-productive for patient health. 

I just find it intolerable the way in which the receptionists treat you. They are public-facing workers and just should really be non-invasive and not openly hostile. Also the GP just was obviously a charlatan and they all speak down at you in there and are all just rubbish doctors and unprofessional. I know it won’t improve or get better but it’s also nice to have a public record of issues and raising complaints can be good historic evidence for the fact that patients are trying to improve the NHS and be healthy. 

I think the best option is that I comply and get my blood group tattooed on armpit and I just hope that when I head down to Einsatzgruppen Gray Hill Surgery next Wednesday I’m wearing the right badge or identifier or whatever and am seen as a good Aryan or I could be on a one way train ticket holiday to Treblinka. 

Please can you get this across to Gray Hill surgery. Thank you.


William Wesley Gerrard

Oh and btw. I thought it’d be worth mentioning that according to unconfirmed intelligence sources, they are firing doodlebugs from the Gray Hill car park, directly targeting Jewish ghettoes in East London and I think this should be stopped also. 


Just following up on comments from Caldicot doctor about Apple Watch and it’s junk science and irrelevance to health and what Apple CEO Tim Cook has to say about its impact on global health.


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