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Fighting for Truth and Justice and the End of Tyranny and Evil in Mental Health and Psychiatry

Firstly, a warm welcome to End OF Terror!

We are appalled with the way the psychiatric industry is expanding across the globe, swallowing up innocent victims in its vices. Multinational Drugs companies are racketeering to enslave vast swathes of the planet’s population, treating them like battery hens unfit for life. We want to offer help to people by exposing the unjust values of this system with truth and clarity. We seek a revolution to bring the ‘End Of Terror’. Ultimately we want a solution to the problem so that Psychiatry can be safely eradicated in the same way Smallpox once was. As our organisation grows and develops we aim to responsibly enlighten those touched by Mental Health Issues, and bring truth to the wider public of the horrors of this barbaric game. Let’s await the ‘End Of Terror’ and hope that it is imminent.

Wez G, The Admin

I am a 37 year old man living with his fiancée and partner of 12 years in a quiet village in South Wales called Caldicot. I study Translation at Cardiff University and work in the music and technology sector of multiple businesses. For the past 18 years I have been involved in the mental health industry as a recipient of ‘care’. Due to the unbearable intrusion of this forced treatment I have decided to harness the power of the internet by exposing the brutal industry that is psychiatry. End Of Terror is a patient’s perspective though I do not choose to be a patient – I am a victim. The views may be harsh here at times but I hope that the end result will make the world a better place and that Psychiatry can be safely eradicated.

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