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Are you a victim of the mental health services? Wherever you are in the world we want to hear the stories of psychiatric survivors and with your permission, to include it on our End Of Terror Website. We are looking for regular contributors to this movement as well as people who just want to share their story in its entirety somewhere.

Join the
Fight for Truth and Justice and the End of Tyranny and Evil in Mental Health and Psychiatry

Drop us a line at the following email address with your stories / submissions. We shall read everything you send and then be in touch to discuss how you want it published. We aim to start recruiting regular bloggers who can contribute to the ethos of End Of Terror and positively help in our quest to eradicate psychiatry. When I get next kidnapped and taken in for a torture session at the Mental Hospital, I want the movement to keep flowing and running so need to plan in advance for this obvious eventuality. There is now more reason than ever for them to eliminate me totally. I don’t want to make it to easy for End Of Terror’s enemies to bring us down.

You could also join our facebook page and post in there if you so wish or tweet us at

We are also elsewhere on the web – Maybe you have some ideas of music for EoTVibe – the music offshoot –  there are End Of Terror Communities evolving on Soundcloud and which might be the most appropriate places for aiding us in that quest. We seek music that is related to Mental Health in some way.

If you wish to help us with the costs of running End Of Terror then you can support our cause with donations via the donate buttons on the right of the main website.





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