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We aim to open this blog up to guest posts and we target not just patients or people involved in the industry. We want to bring our message to the masses. It is in the public’s interest across the world to understand the mental health myth. Eradicating psychiatry is not a one man task and requires a lot of perspiration and dedication from may if it is to be achieved. Let’s gather, let’s bring about an ‘End of Terror’

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We especially welcome your ideas about how the End Of Terror can improve, any suggestions you may have for site improvements and also if you find any bugs, please let us know so we can iron them out – unless they happen to be  grimey bed bugs from unclean mental hospital beds… generally the domestic staff do a damned good job in our experience – they’re about the only people who actually work in that employment environment. …

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Please comment on this site or join our networks elsewhere on the web. Spread the word, Share the ‘End of Terror’

Fighting for Truth and Justice and the End of Tyranny and Evil in Mental Health and Psychiatry

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