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Report on Mental Health in Southeast Wales for John Griffiths AM and Jessica Morden MP

  I have been a non-consenting patient of southeast Wales’ mental health services since 2nd April 1997. I have almost amassed twenty years of living within this closed mental health system. I write this report with a view to enacting real change for the better for myself and other end users of the mental health services in our area.   Ideally I would like to see the Mental Health Act scrapped in parliament. I feel that it is antiquated and...

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Caerleon Cars and Mental Health

[I promised to open up the End Of Terror blog to guest bloggers and here is a guest post from my hospital friend, Kurt Denekamp, who has had longstanding problems with Caerleon Cars – ENJOY! – wezg – END OF TERROR] Dear Watchdog/Judge I like the public to be beware of David Mellen & Lee Williams and a company called essential compliance ltd previously named as the home and motoring club ltd and trading as Caerleon cars. This company has...

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Living With Schizophrenia – PART 1

Living with Schizophrenia Part 1 from End Of Terror on Vimeo. This is the first part of my mental health story, explaining how I first came into contact with psychiatry in 1997 and the horrors I experienced during my first mental hospital incarceration. I plan to do a series of videos about mental health. More http://endofterror.org This was a video I did a couple of years ago. It was originally posted on my youtube but I had to take it...