Caerleon Cars and Mental Health

[I promised to open up the End Of Terror blog to guest bloggers and here is a guest post from my hospital friend, Kurt Denekamp, who has had longstanding problems with Caerleon Cars – ENJOY! – wezg – END OF TERROR]

caerleon cars

Dear Watchdog/Judge
I like the public to be beware of David Mellen & Lee Williams and a company called essential compliance ltd previously named as the home and motoring club ltd and trading as Caerleon cars. This company has been renamed to First Call for Cars ltd.
2015 Trading Standards took David Mellen and Caerleon Cars & The home and motoring club to court for 10 counts of commercial mispractice and 4 counts of fraud but failed to obtain a guilty verdict even tho the previous year David Mellen pleaded guilty to 9 counts of commercial mispractice pre trail, he changed his plea to not guilty the following year and gets away with all these other issues he’s caused other people selling cars with faults, admits to having number dyslexia, misreporting mileage to get better insurance policies and people having cars break down on the same day as purchased and he claims he’s never sold a car with any faults. In 2014 pre trial when pleading guilty David Mellen admits to being reckless and neglectful in his business practices
My gf purchased a car from Caerleon Cars that came with a tax disc that was invalid. The car became clamped and towed away. Lee Willams Caerleon Cars sees my father and agreed £277 would be refunded. Instead of this happening Lee Williams calls the police and claims harassment against me. The police call my father and once i arrive at their house they both parents deny me access to their phone to speak to officer in question and engage mental services instead. Caerleon cars refused to refund us the £277 and then actually get an harassment warning against me for emailing them asking for the money and cc’in the police. (See below)
3 x times my mental health history has been used against me in the fallout this missing money has caused and i became arrested, sectioned x3 times and injected with acuphase when asking for this money to be refunded. The police speak to my father and said this money would be refunded but this failed to happen.
Instead in now registered as disabled over this missing £277 from Caerleon Cars and the police and mental services not listening in simply getting this agreed money made to my father from Lee Williams Caerleon Cars that the police say to my father would be refunded.
When visiting another garage, a settlement figure for the loan with Barclays as made with Caerleon cars to my gf was not obtainable using her details. A figure was only provided once the agent swapped the loan to be under my address details instead of my gf. My gf lives with her parents and never provided Caerleon cCrs with my address details to have a loan under. Therefore Caerleon Cars/Barclays DPA breaching me.
I’ve complained to Barclays for the goods being sold as faulty without a valid road tax disc and the DPA breach against me but they have failed to reply regarding.
Please can you help obtain £277 from Barclays to pay Joanna Thomissen and have reason for why my address would be on their system for her loan.
x3 Times I have become sectioned over this missing £277 as promised to my father, with all the services against me and no one listening. I’ve lost my home in Newport, my cat went missing due to all the fallout and I’m now registered as disabled on benefits because of a promised £277 Lee Williams Caerleon Cars made to my father. Even the police let me down because they agreed this money would be refunded to but failed to get this money and allowed theft to happen instead.
All my life issues because of visiting Caerleon Cars and seeing Lee Williams and David Mellen and £277
being stolen from my gf with police not helping and mental services not listening as this is all perceived as a finance injustice thats caused me to become registered as a paranoid schitzo
Please help me get justice.


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  1. Kurt says:

    Please can you investigate the dodgy business practices of David Mellen. Back in Nov 2013 my ex gf bought a car that was sold without a valid road tax disc. After owning the car a couple of weeks it became clamped and towed away outside my house. Arrangements were made to collect the car 50 miles away and paid impound costs and a valid road tax disc.

    We visited David Mellen – Caerleon cars and he agreed to refund us the impound cost but not the cost of another road tax disc. The impound costs were only refunded after calling the police to get this money back. I mentioned this to my father who visited caerleon cars and then they agreed to refund £277. Instead of simply repaying this money, caerleon cars call the police and claimed I had harassed them. I had made no contact with them for this claim to be taken seriously. The police call my parents and because of having a mental health history my mother engaged mental services. I asked to call the police back but my parents prevented me access to their phone and instead insisted I was mentally assessed instead.

    I voluntary stayed at St cadocs in caerleon and said that all I wanted was the money to be refunded which caerleon cars refused to refund us. I emailed caerleon cars and cc’d in the police and saying don’t make me call the police again to get this back. With this David Mellen calls the police and claims harassment against me again. This time the police give me an harassment warning saying I was directing forces.

    Three times I have been sectioned over this missing money and arrested in my home for breach of the peace. No one in mental services will help me get this money back and insist that I’m not well. I’m now registered as disabled on benefits because of the fallout of caerleon cars and them owing my ex gf £277.

    In 2014 training standards took David Mellen to court for 9 counts of commercial mispractice which David Mellen pleed guilty to. A couple of months later he vacates his plee to not guilty. Another trial was scheduled for Oct 2015. This time 10 counts of unfair commercial practice and 4 counts of fraud. This trial was terminated by the judge as he had issues of the company name was against and ordered the jury to give a not guilty verdict.

    If you search online for David Mellen caerleon cars and first call for cars you’ll see lots of other people experiencing problems with him selling dodgy cars.

    David Mellen has ruined my life with the fallout of an invalid road tax disc and police and mental services not helping and he has stolen £277 from my ex gf. Please can he be exposed for the con man he is.

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